Basic Steps To Obtaining Your CDL

Things have changed due to the COVID_19/Corona Virus.  We've made changes below to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We will help out the best that we can.

#1) Get Your CLP (CDL Permit)


To apply for a WA Commercial Learner's Permit you must:


  • Be 18 yrs old (intrastate only). You must be 21 yrs old to drive interstate.

  • Have a valid Washington Driver's License.




DOL updates the list of current locations as more offices open, so check back frequently.


Here is the direct link to Schedule Your Appointment with DOL for your permit:

  • Pay appropriate fees.

  • Self-certify the type of operation you will be conducting. Medical documents may be required. Depending on how you self-certify determines what CDL medical documents will be required. You must self-certify before obtaining a CLP.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you're required to keep current medical documents on file with DOL and don't, your CDL will be downgraded and you can't operate a commercial vehicle.

Visit WA Department of Licensing website for more information. 

Study the Commercial Driver Guide to prepare for the

knowledge test.

Take practice written tests .

**There is a minimum 14 day waiting period, after the date

you receive your permit, before you are eligible to take the 

skills and road test, as per DOL.**


#2) Your Employer or School must submit training hours into DOL's online portal and then call or email them afterwards to request testing with a third party examiner.

For more information on required training hours, click the button below.

  • You can schedule your appointment with us in advance to reserve the date and time you want.  Just be aware that we can not finalize your appointment until DOL has given approval for you to test with a third party examiner. 

#3) Schedule your appointment to take your Skills & Road Test with us. You can call, email or book online.  

#4) Take your Skills & Road Test

In order to obtain a CDL you are required to pass a pre-trip 

(vehicle inspection), basic vehicle control test (backing exercises) and an on-road driving test.

#5) After you have successfully passed the Skills & Road test: We will give to you instructions on how to get your CDL issued to you once you have passed your test. Don't worry, it's an easy and quick process. 


Scheduling your Skills & Road Test is easy....

simply click on the "Schedule My Test" button at the bottom

of this page and complete our on-line appointment request.


Please include ALL requested information.

You will then receive an email confirming your test date and time and other important information to help prepare you for your test.