Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a CDL?

There are a few steps you must take before you can obtain a CDL. Check out our Basic Steps page for more information.

How much does it cost to get a WA CDL?

These are some fees to be prepared for:

  1. CDL Knowldege Test: $35 (each time you take the test) paid to DOL
  2. Commercial Driver Permit (CDP or CLP): $40 - paid to DOL
  3. CDL Skills Test: $250 - paid to us at the time you test. (this allows for 2 attempts with the same tester)
These are not all of the fees: visit the WA DOL website for additional information on what fees you may need to pay for your situation. * Cost for formal training from an approved CDL training school is not included in these totals.

Do I have to attend a driver training school?

Training is required if you are getting your CDL for the first time or if you used to have one and want to get it again. It is also now required for upgrades. You can get your training from one of the following: 1. An approved CDL training school 2. A registered employer (must be able to access DOL's online portal to enter training hours) * DOL has made changes in how schools and employers are to submit training verification. Please check out our page regarding training certification changes for more info.

Are there any CDL schools in this area?

Schools in Cowlitz County area: 1. Lower Columbia College in Longview, WA 2. Trans 360 (Vancouver, WA area) * Work Source might be able to help with funding towards training and certification at one of the schools listed above. ** Please be aware: We do not make any recommendations on where you should go to school; we only offer names of authorized schools in our local area. You can visit the DOL website for a complete listing.**

Where do I take the CDL Skills & Road Test?

You've come to the right place! Western CDL Testing is an authorized third party testing facility for Washington state. We are here to help make getting your CDL as easy as possible. You can even book your appointment online now!

How long does the Skills & Road Test take?

The skills & road test takes approximately 1 & 1/2 hrs. The test consists of 3 parts: 1. Vehicle Inspection 2. Basic Controls (Backing Exercises) 3. Drive (route certified by CDL compliance)

What do I need to bring with me on the day I test?

Good Question! We're so glad you asked! Click on the photo to the left to go to our test day requirement page. Everything listed on this page MUST be with you the day you test, as required by CDL Compliance. If something is missing, your test will have to be cancelled. So please read carefully! We want you to be as prepared as possible so that your test day can be successful. If you have any questions contact us.

Can I test on the day my permit expires?

NO! DOL considers your permit to be expired at midnight on the date of expiration. You must be able to test before the expiration date. If you test on the date of expiration DOL will not accept the test scores and you will have to re-test.

How do I pay for my test?

We take cash, credit card or paypal payments. If your employer is paying for your test we can invoice them. Please let us know if you need an invoice. When you schedule your test online you will have the option of paying for your test at that time. If you choose to pay with a credit card or paypal there is an additional fee for processing. It is the total fee showing at the time you checkout. If you would rather, you can pay cash, at the test site, prior to starting your test. Cash payments are as follows: $250 for Class A/B/C & Passenger testing. $100 for School Bus $225 for Head Start *Testing fees are set by DOL* Please be aware that we are unable to make change at the test site.

Where can I rent a truck (and trailer) for my test?

We do NOT have a truck or trailer to rent at this time. However, we do know someone that has a Class A truck and trailer that can be rented. Email or call us for more information.

What kind of job can I get with a CDL?

The career possibilities are endless; Local delivery drivers, Over-the-road drivers, Regional drivers, Dump truck, Garbage truck, Fueling tankers, Oil field industry, Construction industry, Transportation industry-school bus and passenger bus, Medical delievery services, etc. Sometimes we have job postings available on our Career Opportunities page. Click here.

When can I test?

You can test 14 days after you receive your permit, and after you have received approval from DOL on your training certificate. Time slots can fill up quickly, so it's best to schedule in advance. Keep in mind that the DOL scheduling program that we use to finalize your appointment has a 3 day wait. What this means is that you can not schedule your test on the day, or the day before, you want to test. We have to be able to enter your information into the DOL system a minimum of 3 days prior to the day you test. We've tried to simplify this confusion by having our booking page set up to acknowledge that 72 hour wait. What you see available in the options for dates and times is what you can schedule for. PLEASE NOTE: DOL also requires you to contact them for third party tester approval. Call (360) 902-3785 and just let them know who you are and that you like to test with a third party examiner.

Where/How Do I Submitt My Training Certificate?

Trianing certificates are no longer being accepted by DOL. They now require your training hours to be entered into their online portal. If you (your employer) do not have access to DOL's online portal please visit our training certification info page for links to DOL's application page.

Do I Need An Appointment With DOL After My Test?

No. Since COVID-19 a lot has changed. You only need to make an appointment with DOL to go in and take your knowledge tests to get your permit. Once you have successfully passed your Skills & Road Test (per-trip, backing and drive) we have instructions to give you that explain how your CDL will be issued to you. It's actually much easier than the old way.

I have a question not answered here:

We are happy to help in anyway we can. Contact us with any questions. Email: Phone/Text: 360-270-4356