Training Certificate Changes



As of January 20, 2019: DOL implemented new Federal and State

training requirements.  Click on the blue codes for more information.




You must meet State and Federal training requirements if you're:

  • Getting a CDL

  • Adding endorsements or upgrading your CDL

Training certificates are no longer being accepted by DOL

They now require training hours to be submitted in their new online portal. If you do not currently have access to this portal you must re-register your business and your trainers with DOL .

Only a registered training provider can certify a driver has

met the required training to get a CDL.

How to re-register as a Training Provider:

PLEASE BE AWARE:  Once you enter training hours into the new DOL online portal, they will send you a confirmation email.  HOWEVER...You still must call them or email them to request approval to test with a third party examiner. 


**We will not be able to finalize your test appointment until you receive authorization for third party testing.**